Downhill in the Falls of Quebec

Quebec, QC: 2 downhill videos from our friends in Quebec featuring some of the province’s best riders on Quebec based Restless Boards decks.
Charles Ouimet Francis CT Maxime Benoit

Charles Ouimet from FreeForAll Skateshop and Restless longboard, Francis Côté-Tremblay and Maxime Benoit from balance boardshop are going down 2 SICK hill in the north of Montreal! First hill top speed : 85 km/h, second 102 km/h | Submitted by CharlesO
RestlessBoards: The End of a Season

Riders: Charles Ouimet (Restless Flav Freeride proto) | Jace Samikov (Restless Soyuz) | Nicolas Desmarais (Kebbek Niko Desmarais) | Flavien Vidal (Restless Flav proto)

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011