Arbor Skateboards: Get Elevated Tour Episode 3

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From Arbor Colelctive:
The theme of unsure destinations and no plans continues in Episode 3 of Get Elevated. The crew decides not to head back into Yosemite and instead point the caravan in the opposite direction, heading on what they believe is the right path to the next stop. After getting lost, asking the mountain folk for directions, and purchasing several coon-skin hats, the group finds what they’ve been looking for, a spot with special significance to the downhill skateboarding community. They come to the top of a canyon, with roads extending to the left and the right. One is the old grade, the other is the new truck bypass. The left path takes you down 2 miles of narrow and outrageously steep pavement, narrowly splitting guardrails and uphill traffic on either side. The other is a busy highway, with lots of large trucks, and 50mph chutes. The crew sleeps next to a lake, and tries their hand at fishing again, but to no avail, and end their day with more travel by making their way to James’ lakeside cabin in Pinecrest.
Filmed & Edited: Michael Alfuso

Friday November 18th, 2011