the new Loaded Freeride Gloves v6 are out

Loaded has launched their new freeride glove. Updated with non-articulated thumbs for less chance of drag, synthetic suede palms and ergonomic finger shapes for better fit. Now, ever brighter, providing longer, technical slides. Breathable Coolmax mesh top and removable EVA foam wrist cushion. Reflective lining, Velcro for the finger, palm and thumb pucks. UHMW round thumb puck and palm pucks, and hard plastic finger pucks.
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•Removable EVA foam wrist cushion: This is not a wrist guard. They will provide protection but are not intended to replace safe riding or appropriate safety gear.
•Wrist wrap for additional support.
•Reflective lining.
•Breathable mesh top.
•Durable synthetic suede palms.
•Ergonomic fingers shapes for improved fit.
•Non-articulated thumbs for less chance of drag during slides.
•Velcro palm, thumb and fingers for optimized puck placement.
•Double-stitched velcro on palms
•Ultra High Molecular Weight circular palm and thumb pucks.
•High density finger pucks.
•No PVCs.
•100% vegan. We test our products on humans.

Monday October 10th, 2011
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