Landyachtz Longboards – Eh Team Episode 19 – Get In The Van

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From Landyachtz:
We are proud to release our best episode to date. We came together as a team with a great line up of skaters, a new format and a tight deadline to put together our favorite video yet.
Here’s the story behind why and how we created Episode 19, “Get in the Van”.
When Michael Brooke approached us in late July about scrapping the evolutions DVD in favor of a film fest in Vancouver, we were immediately stoked.
A ton of time and effort goes into our Eh Team productions, and we’re always looking for new ways to freshen up the content and direction. The production of our videos always takes much longer than we initially expect. Michael
gave us about 7 weeks notice for the September 16 screening date. We started planning immediately, Guff didn’t like the deadline, it was a really short amount of time to plan and shoot something new and different.
A few days later, Michael told us the original venue had backed out, and he was scrambling to find another suitable location. It’s no small feat finding and securing a theater for screening films and hosting a trade show open to
the public. We continued to toss around ideas for our video.
Something we had never done was a rider driven project, where we work with our available team riders, and they shoot for a section of their own. We know our team pretty well, and even though they’re all incredible people, sick skates and totally committed, we know they can drag their feet a little. To raise the stakes we decided that the rider with the best section would get to travel to South America in the Fall to take part in the tour there.
So, about 5 weeks from the screening date Michael nails down one of the best locations in Vancouver, the Vancouver International Film Center, and tells us the event is a go. We start filming immediately.
A few days later I get a call from a couple of the co-organizers telling us they want our video as soon as possible, like this week soon. I was blown away, we had the next several weeks planned down to the hour, and we were
going to roll into the theater with the finished product in our hand ready to watch. Because this was being screened by the public in a theater, it had to be rated by the BC film commission, and that process could take up to 4 weeks. Refusing to hack our project to bits, I negotiated a September 1st submission date.
Our deadline was now 2 weeks sooner, everyone was under the gun. Riders we’re scoping locations, Guff was filming almost every day and editing when he wasn’t out.
We weren’t able to get as much filming with each rider as we would have liked but felt great about what we were getting. The most difficult part was narrowing down who would get to go on the trip to South America. The tour
there will be 5 weeks and consists of 1 week in each of Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile. A really incredible trip, and a very important next production for the Eh Team series.
Justen Ortiz really pushed himself, riding hard in sick skate locations. He’s been brought further into Landyachtz by being hired to help run the team and coordinate event sponsorship. His first task took him to Puerto Rico to represent Landyachtz at the Adrenalina race there. He’s hard at work planning other Fall projects here at the shop
Dillon Stevens and Skatie Katie were already set to go, Katie in search of the Women’s IGSA World Cup championship and Dillon going to defend his victory at Columbia’s Festival de la Bajada.
Billy Bones also had a very sick section, with a different look at skating in Portland. He’s in school right now and isn’t able to travel, so there will be future trips for him to partake in!
In the end we decided to send a very deserving crew of 5 to South America! Joining Katie and Dillon will be Kyle Martin, Travis Craig and Phillip Lemire.
Kyle is one of the best freeriders in the world right now, and he showed us how good he is on a set of hard wheels in his section. Travis is a newer member to the team, his display of speed, control and style stands out as some of the best, he will be a great addition to the skate action in South America. Phillip will be the glue holding the tour video project together. In his role as host, his attitude, skating skills and positive vibe will be vital to keeping everyone on the same page with the same goals in mind, skate hard and meet the locals!
They are there now exploring and ripping it up! We’ll have another wicked video to check out in a few months after they get home!!

Friday October 14th, 2011
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