Boomtown Freeride 3 – Slalom Race and Slide Jam Part 2

Moon Mtn, OR: Riders from as far as San Diego, Vancouver and Boston, MA came out to shred Boomtown’s 3rd event of the season featuring a “Gnar” Slalom Race and Slide Jam with 67 riders.
Check out Part 1 here
1st- Ethan Cochard
2nd- Ross Druckrey
3rd- Scott Lembach
1st- Daniel Couch
2nd- Calvin Beggs
3rd- Joel Johnson
1st- Ryan Simmons
2nd- Cody Schmidt
3rd- Jordan Manseth
1st- Carmen Shafer
2nd- Alicia Fillback
3rd- Sarah Ussery
4th- Shelby Phelps
Most Steezy- Joel Johnson
Most Gnarly- Josh Henshaw
Kick the Cone- Cameron Frazier
Songs- Nah Mean (Intrumental)– Nas & Damien Marley
Think Summer– More Than Lights
What I Mean (Instrumental)– 7L & Esoteric
Flow & Tell– Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique
Film- Nate Blackburn, Bradi Morrow, Daryl Druckrey
Edit- Ross Druckrey

Wednesday October 19th, 2011
Event Freestyle Slide