Arbor Skateboard’s Get Elevated Tour 2011 Teaser

Watch the whole series here

From Arbor:
In the middle of August this year, the Arbor Skateboard team stepped out into the Sierra mountains with a common purpose. The idea behind the project was simple and ambitious, trek into the wilderness, and skate roads we’ve never skated before. The thrill was in the hunt, and the end product is indicative and inclusive of much more than our primary vision; it encapsulates what life is like on the road for us, outside of racing and competition, where the only concern was having fun with our friends. The trip was about the team, the locations, the lifestyle, but more than anything, it was about skateboarding.
We put in the research and the time to find roads on maps, but had no idea what we’d be met with once we set foot on the pavement. There was no assurance of good surfaces, places to sleep, safe conditions, or cell phone service. We were on our own in foreign territory, and the only assurance we had was a drop in elevation.
For a week we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, tried to catch fish, slept in the cold, lost our way, got stuck on top of giant boulders, and skated some of the most unbelievable roads I’ve ever seen. People went down at 50 mph plus, and countless bystanders and tourists gawked as we trudged up and flew down the hills to get our shots. The end product is something we’re proud of and illustrates our passion for skateboarding.
It is our pleasure to offer you the teaser of Arbor Skateboard’s 2011 Get Elevated Tour.

Monday October 17th, 2011