S&J Sales and Concrete Wave release: The Pocket Guide to Longboarding


From S&J Sales:
Longboarding is exploding in popularity right now, knowing that S&J Sales has partnered with Michael Brooke at Concrete Wave Magazine to release a Pocket Guide to Longboarding. This guide was designed as a way to allow someone to quickly gather the basic knowledge needed to both sell and purchase longboards. We hoped to accelerate the rate at which people become comfortable the product knowledge surrounding longboarding. The fact is that a Deck isn’t just a deck, and a wheel isn’t just a wheel. There is technology involved with the performance of the products and we hope our guide will aid people in the search for their perfect longboard.

You can download the guide online for free or check for a hard copy version in your local skate shop.

To stay updated on our Longboard Product visit www.golongboarding.ca

Thursday September 8th, 2011
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