The 2nd Annual Menlo Park Skate Jam

Menlo Park, CA:The 2nd Annual Menlo Park Skate Jam on September 16-18, 2011 was a huge success thanks to David Hiltbrand (event organizer) and to everyone who helped out and came. The video is only part of Sunday the 18th and i know it is a bit lengthey but enjoy and tell me what you think.
Open Results: 1. Graeme Hystad | 2. Louis Pilloni | 3. Byron Essert
Grom Results:1. Piers Standberg | 2. Byron Essert |3. Dane Holmsky
Park Slalom Results:1. Zak Maytum – 12.92s | 2. Jason Strubing – 13.27s | 3. Max Dubler – 13.41s
Hard Wheel Results: 1. John Kreutter | 2. Byron Essert | 3. Michael Carson
Slow Board Race:1. Adrian Dakine |2. Zak Maytum

Thursday September 22nd, 2011
Downhill Freestyle