SK8Trip to Maryhill – ABEC 11 Longboarding

From Abec 11:
The ABEC 11 Maryhill Festival of Speed is one of the premiere downhill skateboarding and street luge events in the world. Top racers from around the world converge on the Maryhill Loops Road to compete in the first world cup event on the IGSA tour.
This year GRN TM riders came from all over the world to participate. A bunch of skaters piled into the Sk8Trip Bluebird bus at our headquarters in Huntington Beach and others were picked up in San Francisco and Portland along the way. This video captures the skate trip with their traveling highlights and experiences.
ABEC 11 has roots in downhill skateboarding and we continue to provide strong support with all forms of racing. The video focuses on the GRN TM experience but every skater comes away with his own unique and exciting experience at Maryhill. We expect to see you there in 2012!
Visit the IGSA at:
We would like to thank Marcus Rietema, John Ozman, Bob Ozman and all the volunteers that make events like this possible.
Filmed and edited by Michael Alfuso
Additional footage by Collin Golden and Jayme Rogers

Tuesday September 27th, 2011
Downhill Longboard