Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Puerto Rico Video Recap

Caguas, Puerto Rico: The second stop of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon featured 13 laps around the city in rainy conditions. Congrats to the bustin team for winning both men and women event.
1st Place (1:38.39) Kiefer Dixon
2nd Place (1:38.48) Paul Kent
3rd Place (1:41.56) Jeff Vyain
4th Place (1:42.54) Andrei Hippix
5th Place (1:46.09) Billy Coale
6th Place (1:46:32) Javon “Prince” Lang
1st (2:01.20) Sarah Paulshock
2nd (2:07.30) Cammi Best
3rd·(2:08.12) Anna O’neill ·
4th (2:20.52) Rachael O’Neill ·
5th (2:32.17) Daniellle DeJesus

Tuesday September 6th, 2011
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