A chat with Ella Howlett, Founder of LongboardUK


Through the magic of the internet, longboardism catches up with Ella Howlett from LongboardUK. She’s a breath of fresh air and her fun longboard videos has charmed many so we though we’d get to know her a bit more.


Tell us more about you and Longboard UK.
I don’t just make a specific type of video.. like, only trick tips or only short films, but my channel is everything and anything I can think of, to do with longboarding. I interact with other YouTubers (longboarders) as much as I can. They are really cool people, and I am happy to talk. It’s pretty obvious that I’m a girl.. which is.. unusual.. as some may say… I have cat twins, different coloured laces, and a helmet which makes me individual, and well known.


How long have you been longboarding?

I started when I got a Dervish in early September 2010.. so about a year I guess. But before that I had been skateboarding for 5 years. – I know what you are thinking; I should be better, yet I am not very good. Don’t ask me why, that is.. I guess I never really felt a NEED to HAVE to land tricks. Take it easy, and it will come is what I always say!


How did you start?

Met one of my best friends from longboarding! He was on a longboard, I was on a skateboard. After he had gone a couple of times around the block, I decided to talk to him.. seeing as I had NO friends. (just moved from Cyprus. Literally 2 weeks ago.) Then, he let me go on his Mindless Hunter, I fell in love with the ride.. 2 months later I got one for my birthday! Yay!


What gets you excited about it?

What doesn’t? ^_^ The fact that its my favourite thing to do, I’m always happy while riding, and that brilliant feeling of determination when you get back up after a fall, and the accomplishment of landing a new trick. Fantastic.


Do you have any sponsor or are you looking?

Nope. Not really looking. I’ll always enjoy longboarding even if it takes me absolutely nowhere in life! Except to the bottom of that knarly hill! ;^


Your favourite setup?

  • I like a deck with little flex, kicks, concave, and sweet looks.. the DK Penguin is the current one I have, and I honestly love it to bits!
  • I haven’t tried many trucks.. only Paris, Randal, and Bear 852’s. But best out of those three I’d have to go for the Paris 180’s!
  • Again, I haven’t tried many wheels! But I’ll have to say my favourite so far are my Orangatang 80a Durians!
  • I don’t mind what bushing I have as long as they are rideable!


What prompted you to start LongboardUK?

The fact that I love film making, and longboarding! Pushing both of my skills to the next level, I guess.


What have you learned from that experience so far?

I did not expect to get so lucky with all of the viewers. I just thought it was going to be a nice little project which I could update occasionally. But then I got more and more viewers and subscribers, and now, I have a fantastic little channel which uploads a video at least once a week, and gets a whole lot of views and great feedback by the hour! The internet is all about luck! If you make good, unusual videos, you are more likely to get more views! You get people who love your work, which makes you proud, and you get haters which you should ignore ;^]

Who or where do you get your inspiration from?

The longboard brand videos! Plus occasional brainstorms at the most random times.. especially when you are literally about to doze off, and QUICK! WRITE IT DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET! O.O


Where do you see LongboardUK in the future?

I honestly have no idea! I’m one of the few in the world that can’t tell the future.. unfortunately..


Who is behind the camera filming?

Me, a tripod, and my big, snuggly, camera boy! Won’t hurt a fly, yet is a complete BEAST at filming ;^]


Who does the edit?

Moi. With the help of my Macbook, Editing software, and nice cuppa tea. I’m English.


We only see you on the video but is there more than just Ella on the longboard UK crew?

Well, there’s me, the kittys, and Max (MGOCinema – Look him up!). And that is basically it I think..


How is it to be a girl in a mainly male dominated scene?

Urm.. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages.. I can enter girl contests, with a higher change of winning! :^D Some call me a complete guy in a girls body, I say, “Looks and Skills in one!” :^D


Any tips for the girls out there?

Keep going! Be your own person, and don’t listen to what anyone else thinks of you. Everyone else probably thinks the best, or doesn’t even care anyway! Oh, and helmet head is the worst. I know. Try flipping your head upside down as you take it off. ^_^


The LongboardUK Channel which you should subscribe to can be found at www.youtube.com/user/LongboardUK

Tuesday September 13th, 2011
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