The Skateboarder’s Journal Magazine will hopefully see the day

The Skateboarder’s Journal, a new periodical by Jack Smith will hopefully be published soon. Check out the neat inspiring pitch video. Some big names in the first issue including Stacy Peralta, K-rimes and Steve Caballero. Stoked
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About this project:
The Skateboarder’s Journal will delve into all dimensions of skateboarding – culture, history, art, travel, technology and the future. We will also bring you photography from the world’s best skate photographers.Content is foremost. It will be presented in a clean, classic format that focuses your attention on what’s important, not on indulgent graphic design.
Readers will be able to access TSJ from their iPad, iPhone, other Internet-enabled mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Our goal is to make TSJ available to you no matter where you are, or where you may be going.
Premiere Issue Editorial Line-Up:

  • I Am A Skateboarder, by Stacy Peralta
  • Skateboarding’s New Golden Age, by T. Jonathan Colberg
  • Alex Olson feature, by Mackenzie Eisenhour
  • Frank Nasworthy interview, by Ben Marcus
  • Going Downhill Fast interviews with Denis Shufeldt, Roger Hickey and Kevin Reimer.
  • Retro Respect a celebration of the work of legendary skate photographer Jim Goodrich.
  • Gallery – Skateboarder Artist Steve Caballero
  • What I Ride, by Abby Zsarnay. A skater-written article about their personal equipment set-up(s).
Friday August 26th, 2011
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