The Bustin Robot is ALIVE | Bustin Longboards NYC

New York, NY: Bustin Board officially launches it’s latest DH freeride board, The Bustin Robot. The Robot comes in 2 different lenght; 36 or 41 inch and two different make, Maple ply or Carbon Fibre.
From Bustin:
It’s finally here. The long awaited Robot has been one of Bustin’s top projects since before the release of the Ibach. We’ve been working day and night on these, testing and making small changes, to release a bi-directional drop-through deck as a top level freeride machine. The Robot began as a symmetrical Maestro shape, but it was clear after a couple months of riding that we needed something that could handle more versatile setups and really specialize in downhill, freestyle and freeride. The Robot shape is everything you need in a comfortable freeride board. All function, no fluff. We decided to release it in two different lengths — the 41-inch version more geared towards hills and freeriding and a 36-incher for city thrashing and freestyle. Either board will perform in any of these disciplines. The level of performance is up to you!
More info and picture on Bustin’s Website

Wednesday August 3rd, 2011
Deck Freeride Longboard Manufacturer