Caliber trucks in collaboration with Comet Skateboards to soon release new brand Volante Wheels

Volante (French, feminine for flying) is a new soon to be released brand of wheel. It is a collaboration between Caliber trucks and Comet Skateboards.
check out Wheelbase Online Skate Magazine for the scoop and more info.
From Volante:
We make the wheels that make you stoked!
After months of strenuous testing by Blake Smith and other professional skaters, Volante Wheels has finally come to market with what we consider the perfect urethane. The goal of our wheels is to offer the best freestyle urethane to track when it needs to and slide smoothly when you want to break free.
The first wheel in production is the ‘checker.’ It is a 68mm, 82a, center set, freestyle wheel. The wheel was originally designed by Comet years ago, and has been one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Now that we are using our new urethane, there is really nothing else like it. We have found the perfect combination of a proven classic with modern performance. Our team has been stoked ever since they got them under their feet.
Stay tuned for other new wheels…

Tuesday August 30th, 2011
Manufacturer Wheels