REANIMATION – The Rise of Five Mile

Reanimation is a documentary about a longboard company battling with their own limitations in the harsh quest to find the American Dream. The film follows Five Mile owners Dan Kasmar and Cody Shea, through the painstaking task of moving into their new factory and redeveloping all of their products for the 2011 season simultaneously.
PART ONE- The film begins with the militia moving into their new 2000 sq. ft. facility which is completely empty. They battle a tremendous amount of odds against them the first two weeks in the door. Dan takes on the task of re-designing all of Five mile’s existing molds into computer 3d files, and getting prototypes within a week. While back at the shop Cody stays busy welding the new press together, while Joe and Stan get a brilliant idea for the new shop. This first episode also gives you a brief history lesson on Dan and Cody and how Five Mile originated.

Monday July 11th, 2011