Houyet 2011/OHYEH 2011

Houyet, Belgium: UK team XSS/Reskue at the Belgium freeride event
XSS/Reskue report of Belgium free ride in Houyet
Team members Josh O’keefe, Dan Shinnie, Jon Steel
Belgium freeride, Houyet.
Left the U.K at 9 Rocked up to Houyet friday night and camped.
The belgium sells beer by the meter, win.
Taught el foreign how to party hard.
Woke up on Saturday to rain, not being French surrender monkeys we went
skating anyway, the corners were like ice requiring massive sliding
speed checks to take the corners. This subsequently scared el foreign
who were opting for the inferior footbrake to slow down.
Much fun.
The lush longboard race team decided that they couldn’t be bothered
with the rain either, forced to wait to nail the course when it dried
up, they went off Kayaking instead……..
It stopped raining and the track dried up, we continued to set the
pace, rain haters showed up and were instantly overtaken, the English
riders now being so familiar with the course and surprised by the
return of grip.
Discovered that the track was grippy enough not need to brake at all in
the dry and draft trains and other craziness ensued.
Forgot to mention the flag, we had a flag resulting in huge packs and
games down the hill.
Saturday night was pretty much a repeat of friday but with more bum
techno and beer.
Showing el foreign how to party harder.
Sunday morning was super sunny and hot [32 deg] subsequently the uplift
buses smelt like arse.
Skating continued in the same vein as Saturday, draft trains, lots of
people into corners together, flags.
Decided to scare the living sh*t out of all the French people by
busting out standup speed checks halfway through corners.
Lesser riders cuddled the hay bales.
Tucking down the final straight became a test of endurance resulting in
the shakes at the end of each run.
Basically it was fun.
Then we drove home.
The end.

Tuesday July 5th, 2011
Downhill Longboard