‪French Fries and Dogs Eyes‬‏ – jacko and MGR Shred for Otang

California: Jackon Shapiera, the Aussie and Maxim Garrant Rousseau, the French Canadian join together and burn urethane down a beautiful hill. Stoked on the peaceful, carefree vibe of this video.
Credits: Color correction: Jonathan Jelkin | Filming: Adam SStokowski. & Adam Colton | Edit: Adam Colton | Music: Sam Peters- Paper Stars |Sponsors: Cinevate, Atlas FLT | CobraCrane
Maxim setup: earlier Loaded freeride/DH prototype, Aera Trucks, Otang Stimulus
Jacko setup: Sector 9, Munkae Trucks, Otang 4Prez

Wednesday July 27th, 2011
Downhill Weekly Top 5