Max[Myers] edit of Snake Skeleton 2011

Max Myer for Skate[Slate]
2011 IGSA Snake Skeleton Torneo Continental de Downhill in Potrero de los Funes, Argentina. Riders reached speeds up to 80km/h. The course features 2 high speeds rights and a left, before a flat portion that requires a good line during entry and a clean tuck to keep momentum before the last big elevation drop into the final right and left turns.
1st- Douglas Dalua
2nd- Felipe Malaga
3rd- Thiago Lessa Gomes
4th- Vitor Salazar
1st- Marisa Nunez
2nd- Christie Aleixo
3rd- Georgina Ferrero
4th- Cami Pucheta
1st- Daniel Machado
2nd- Victor Pons
3rd- Fabian Guerra
4th- German Werner
1st- Leo Borton
2nd- Walter Ribeiro
3rd- Honathan Ogralha
4tg- Mario Jardim

Tuesday June 21st, 2011