UDmag #1 – Premier Magazine de Longboard Francophone / First longboard magazine in French

Voilà un nouvelle publication tout en français et gratuite. UD Mag numéro 1 : Longboard selon Molière.
Félicitation a tout le monde derrièrre ce projet. Prochaine édition Julliet/Aout.
Redacteur en Chef: Marvin Thine | Mise-en-page: Alexandre Pereira | Correcteur d’orthographe: Cyril Chatelain
UD Mag issue Number one: Longboard according to Molière. The Surge in longboarding’s popularity in French speaking countries called for a French only magazine. Here it is. Congratulations to all involved
But fear not , the French, English, Spanish or any other language, we’re all part of the same community. Proof of that is Loaded Ambassador Mike Girard (Harvard,MA) Making it on the credit roll.
Editor: Marvin Thine | Art direction: Alexandre Pereira | proof-reader: Cyril Chatelain

Friday May 20th, 2011
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