Sayshun announces new Fluid and Pro wheel Formula

Shayshun’s new A+ wheels geared specifically towards freeriding is now available.

A+ – HEIGHT 69 mm – WIDTH 53 mm – DURO 78A, 81A, 84A – LIP ROUND – CENTER-SET
From Jacob @ Shayshun:
We have been working hard to come up with a family of premium longboard wheels that are specifically designed for how longboarders take on big steep roads. What we have now developed is two urethane formulas, a grippy race formula, our “Pro” formula and a smooth freeride formula, our “Fluid” formula. You are already familiar with our Pro formula as this has been the key to the success of our O Positive and Negative wheels but we have just launched our A Positive wheels with our new Fluid formula.
Freeriding being a relatively new aspect to longboarding means companies are still working on creating the ideal formula. There’s lots of freeride wheel shapes out there but using the same urethane formula as a race wheel to fill freeride moulds doesn’t make sense to us. Most urethane formulas are designed for grip and traction which allows us to take corners at high speeds but our new Fluid formula has a lower coefficient of friction offering a smooth and predictable slide but still has high reflex properties. So what this means is our Fluid formula is designed to slide instead of scrub so you leave less urethane behind you on the pavement and you’re able to concentrate on getting your standies up to par instead of how often you’re going through wheels.

Friday April 29th, 2011