Push / Bustin’ Boards by Thornberg & Forester

This short piece captures the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of the longboarding community in New York City – a different culture than skateboarding. This exploration of the sport is framed by the enormous, exciting 2010 Broadway Bomb race. The event began in 2000 and is still the city’s biggest londboarding event. Mike Dallas, a partner at the skate store Bustin, speaks of the race as a means to find the city’s “strongest, fastest traffic skater.”
The piece introduces longboarding in a fun, dynamic way, as the camera and viewers glide through the city along with the skaters, who skillfully weave in and out of traffic. Through this short film we attempted to pass on the stories of individual skaters and longboard enthusiasts, watch people do what they love to do, witness a positive community vibe, and have a fun time.
Via www.thornbergandforester.com

Wednesday April 13th, 2011
Culture Push Race