Muir SKate Bringing Disco Back w/ The 2011 Downhill Disco

Speed, slides, cones and kickers will be reunited once more! presents the 2011 Downhill Disco for your gnar shredding pleasure.
The Downhill Disco is a downhill longboarding event involving all aspects of downhill longboarding: speed, drifting, slides, and early grabs (when necessary).
There will be three competitions on the day of the Disco!
Cones Race: Grom, Open, Doubles – $10 Entry
Freeride Slide Jam (aka “Longboard Talent Show”): Grom, Open – $5 Entry
Retro Costume Contest: Everyone! – Just wear a costume and we’ll see how it goes.
Everyone is encouraged to attend and dress up, but only some will be able to compete. The course is designed to be challenging and fun at the same time. Bring your helmet and slide gloves.
Don’t forget your disco stick!
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Shreddit Credit:
Duke Degen – Arbor Bogart
Jimmy Riha – Arbor Vügenhausen

Monday April 25th, 2011
Contest Freeride Slide