Original Ghostbusters on longboards

The Ghostbusters in the San Antonio, Texas, chapter take on a pesky neighborhood ghost. Just another day in the life of a Ghostbuster. And all they have are longboards…
Made for the 2010 Original Longboard Costume Contest. Won “Best Impressions”
Costumes made from scratch over the course of three months by Greg “Peck” Miller and Matt “Surfermatt” Redding.
Director, photographer, and editor: Jeremiah Edward Hobbs
Story by Greg “Peck” Miller, Matt “Surfermatt” Redding, Jeremiah Edward Hobbs
Produced by Robert Pattillo
Lighting by Jayson Mills (Jay LaMont Mills)
Music: Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.
“You Could Have Warned Me” by Inovo
A Lateral Velocity Production – lateralvelocity.com
COPYRIGHT © Lateral Velocity

Thursday March 31st, 2011