Ontario Longboarding 4th annual SWAP MEET + After Swap Slide contest.

The Ontario Longboarding community kicked off the 2011 season with their 4th annual a swap meet.

Bombora Boards took care of this years organization and the venue was, as it has been for the last 3 years, Roarockit Skateboard Company. It is a great idea for all cash strapped riders to get their hands on some gear and a good way for the local community to see each other again after a long cold winter.

Below and some photos from the event. More photos on longboardism’s Facebook album.


Ryan Verkerk of Roarockit looking at what the groms brought

Rob Defreitas of Bombora Boards, this year’s Swap Meet organizer


Toronto’s favourite – the poop chute

Kevin Lefrank (ambitious board / Kebbek) and Braden Tibbles executing a synchronised slide hi-5.


The evening ended on a sad note with Noah breaking his leg. Get better soon buddy.

More photos on longboardism’s Facebook album.

CSnowboardMan posted an edit of the slide session.

An ther’e’s gtownhillbomber’s edit

Also available another video from the slide contest from our previous post.

Tuesday March 29th, 2011
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