2011 TransWorld Business Skate Retail Survey Methodology

Transworld_survey.jpgTransworld Business (part of Transworld media, publisher of Transworld Skateboarding) explains their 2011 Skate Retail Survey Methodology.
Most interesting to us is the last paragraph:
“Longboard sales and popularity are increasing across the board, and not just in California or Florida but in the Midwest as well. In fact, it got to a point in our survey that we could almost guarantee that a shop would report increased longboard sales if they were in the vicinity of a college campus. Though this is disheartening for many core, purist skateboarders, even the shop owners who weren’t thrilled, acknowledged a potential for new customers and opportunity for sales growth with longboarding’s takeoff.” – Transworld Business
Though we’re stoked to see the majority of retailer carrying longboards, we’re quite surprised to hear not all of them aren’t thrilled with our growth. But don’t worry they’ll still take your money.

Monday March 21st, 2011
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