Donkboards – Pimp my board

In a quest to build a longboard based off the look of cars with big rims, we created the best riding and best built longboard; the DonkBoard™, a long board with “Dubs.”
Donkboard website makes the following claim about their deck:

  • Improved & Faster Acceleration: Due to larger surface to grip area.
  • Less energy needed per push to cover the same distance than smaller wheels.
  • Better Board Control & Response: Yielding consistent handling.
  • Tighter Turning Radius (Full circle at around 7 feet).
  • Enhanced Steering: Decreased radius, yielding enhanced precision and agility.

We’re looking forward to see some videos to back these claims.

Saturday February 5th, 2011
Carving Deck Embeded Longboard Manufacturer Wheels