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Cangar Longboard Fest 2016 | Longboardism

Cangar Longboard Fest 2016

Cangar Kota Batu, Jawa Timur.: So Stoked that we can make it on 2nd year..!!

Cangar Kota Batu, Jawa Timur.

1.5 KM, 20 turns, 50-55 KMH

Unfriendly whether was the biggest challenge for this year. But what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger. We complete the race and everyone had a good time.

Longboard Open :

  1. Noriyuki Tamura (Japan)
  2. Ikhzreen Hussein (Malaysia)
  3. Aryo Nugroho (Indonesia – Jakarta)
  4. Nasa Rahardian (Indonesia – Surabaya)

Street Luge :

  1. Zen Rasta (Malaysia)
  2. Ajmal Hannan Zulkifli (Malaysia)
  3. Abdil Mahdzan (Malaysia)
  4. Verrel Pratama (Indonesia – Bandung)
  5. Bambang Sutrisno (Singapore)

Longboard Women :

  1. Vina Marwan (Malaysia)
  2. Maya Fernandez (Philippines)
  3. Noor Shoraya (Indonesia – Bandung)
  4. Astried Rovska (Indonesia – Bandung)

Longboard Amateur :

  1. Andreas LW (Indonesia – Yogyakarta)
  2. Paton Riot (Indonesia – Lampung)
  3. Taufik Ainur (Indonesia – Bekasi)
  4. Vian (Indonesia – Bekasi)

Longboard Junior:

  1. Rafi Prahaspandito (Indonesia – Jakarta)
  2. Zaidan kun (Indonesia – Jakarta)
  3. Albi Rizqy (Indonesia – Bekasi)
  4. Kiki (Indonesia – Lombok)

Honorary Gravity Sports:

  •  G-Bike – Galang Virgiawan (Indonesia – Jakarta)
  • Downhil Inline – Steven Tan (Malaysia)

Documentation credit to Facri, kang Icang, GoproID Surabaya, Yoyok, and everyone that we can mention one by one.

Special Thanks to,

  • our sponsors who made it happen.
  • all the riders who made the race even more challenging.
  • Kota Batu Mayor Pak Edi, and Pak Hely for the support
  • Local Police from Bumiaji and Kota batu
  • Beautiful Desa Sumber Brantas, Desa Bumiaji and the locals for the hospitality
  • Pak Kades dan Pak Carik for the help during the event
  • Ibu Supaeni who trust us from the beginning

See you at #CangarLongboardFest2017

– Cangar Longboard Fest Committee

Tuesday September 20th, 2016
Community Event Longboard Race