2015 Whistler Longboard Festival | DB longboard

Whistler, BC: The rain did not stop the top longboarders in the world from riding at the 2015 Whistler Longboard Festival. DB’s team rider Spencer Smith made it to the consolation finals and Landyachtz team rider Troy “Yardwaste” Grenier won the men’s open.

Men’s Open Results: 

  1. Troy “Yardwaste” Grenier
  2. Alex Hannigan 
  3. Brendan Davidson

Women’s Results:

  1. Emily Pross
  2. Caitlin Young
  3. Marcela “Chela” Girado

Junior’s Results: 

  1. Alex Charleson
  2. Tyron Knight
  3. Charlie McMillian

Edit: Matt McDonald 

DB Longboard

Tuesday September 22nd, 2015