Comet Skateboards present the Voodoo DH

Comet Skateboards presents the Voodoo DH. That ‘DH’ stands for Dustin Hampton and don’t forget it. Dustin was one of the original influences behind the Voodoo Doll and we worked with him closely to create the Voodoo DH to his every expectation.

Dustin is one of the most quiet, nice, down to earth dudes you will ever meet, but put him on a skateboard facing downhill and a totally different side appears. Dustin goes FAST and has been holding it down for Comet for a long time. This board is well deserved and long overdue. Congrats Dustin!

The Voodoo DH is in your Local Skateshop now.

Marco Ferreria, Ernesto Plech, Maira Labrudi

Matt Bo

Sunday May 31st, 2015
Deck Longboard Manufacturer