Lush Longboards New Girfter 3D Deck in Barcelona

Lush new Grifter 3d deck is said to be a logical evolution of their popular Grifter deck. The new model adds some subtle tweaks for a super-tight shorter wheelbase freeride setup. See it in action above with Lush UK Teamrider Jooz Hughes showing it off on the streets of Barcelona!

Using a 3D Rocker, and with team feedback, Lush added pockets nose and tail on the deck to further lock your feet for those  standies. The deeper concave and rocker, together with standard 9ply Canadian Maple, ensured minimal flex and twist for control and feedback. The standing platform a little wider – it’s 9.9″ now instead of the older 9.75″ – to reduce “monkey toe” and the concave holds your feet a little more.

The CNC wheel well or wheelbites are gone as the new model’s 3D rocker profile takes care of that. 


Length 35.5″ / 90.2cm | Width 9.9″ / 25.1cm | Wheelbase Multiple 26.15″ / 66.4cm – 26.95″ / 68.45cm | Tail 1.92″/ 4.9cm – 3.54″/ 9cm | Construction Cold Pressed 9ply Canadian Maple w/ Epoxy Glue | Profile 0.7″ Symmetrical Rocker with Wheel Arches |Flex Stiff for more control

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Saturday March 7th, 2015
Deck Longboard Manufacturer