Sk8Trip to the Dominican Republic (PART 2) | Abec 11

Dominican Republic:  In this second episode of instalment of Sk8Trip to the Dominican Republic, the crew experiences some true island hospitality while staying with the locals of La Lomota and enjoying  their mountain time and time again.

Directed/Cinematography: Michael Alfuso

Producer: Chris Chaput
Aerial Footage: Oiliver Dadswell (EyeFly Films)
Camera Assistants: Catherine Goico, Anabelle Frias, Miguel Cabreja, Giancarlo Di Vanna

Riders: Miguel Cabreja, Pam Diaz, Cesar Pucheu, Benito Bencosme, Giancarlo Di Vanna, Wilbert Caba
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Monday February 16th, 2015
Downhill Weekly Top 5