JSM Confirms Production of DVD

JSM Network 2014 compilation

San Francisco: You heard that right! JSM Confirms that they have started filming for a full length 45 min DVD consisting of all new material. Very awkward move since literally every brand is dropping a DVD in 2015. Not to mention probably no one is even reading this right now.

“We decided to put it on a DVD instead of a VHS because we heard they had better quality, interactive menus, and you don’t have to rewind!”

Stephan Reinhardt stated at a Press Conference this last weekend at San Francisco’s Michelin Rated, Atelier Crenn restaurant.

“Since we are working with a massive independently funded budget we wanted to make sure that our viewers would experience unrivaled production value!”

Julian Seeger added as he carelessly sprayed a magnum of champagne across the room.

This was all cool to hear but we wanted to know the question that was lingering on everyone’s mind! When is the video coming out and will it have the same JSM taste?

“YES, I’m Quentin Gachot and I guarantee that it will give you that taste even if I have to force feed it to your mouth myself!!!…The video is probably going to come out in Febuary or end of March or something. That’s out of my hands.”

Quentin mentioned confidently.

At a price point of 4.99 USD or probably free we couldn’t argue with JSM but they put together the table below to make sure the pros and cons were clear as day. JSM has also included a highlight reel featuring Julian Seeger’s favorite moments from this past season.

More info here

Tuesday November 4th, 2014