Brakeboard new models for 2014/15

AustraliaBrakeboard has just released its new-look pedal-brake in gleaming combinations of black, red and silver.

Brakeboard color range 2014-15

The new color choices are not the only changes. After a successful campaign on the US fundraising site Kickstarter last year, Brakeboard has made numerous improvements to its braking system, trucks and wheels including a removable pedal.

Brakeboard complete 2014-15

In detail, the new model has:

  • Fixed-in kingpins for better stability and strength.
  • High grade bushes are supplied but users can now also choose a range of other commercially available bushings.
  • Lower brake levers for better clearance on drop-through decks.
  • Weight reduction in rear brake hanger.
  • Easier assembly and tuning adjustments.
  • New regular front truck with greater strength.

In addition, Brakeboard’s new wheels are 74mm white, high grade urethane. 83A  with a stone ground contact surface.

Brakeboard installed 2014-15

Now with a custom nylon core for easy brake fitting and better bearing fit.

Brakeboard full kit 2014-15

Most buyers choose the Brakeboard boxset, smartly presented in its own aluminium carry-case with tools, designed to install on any deck. While almost any wheels can be used when modified with notches, Brakeboard has its own pre-notched wheels available. Buyers also have the opportunity to purchase a complete set-up including a US-made Canadian maple deck which is expected to be particularly popular for the coming holiday season.

Ask about the November-December special: free freight.

Submitted by Ben and John Newman for Brakeboard Pty Ltd.

Sunday November 9th, 2014
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