Angie’s Curves 2014 coverage by Accent Media Labs

Pala, CA: With a top speed of 69mph reached this year by Mike Fitter on a track that claimed many casualties, Angie’s curve is makiing a name for itself a one of the most technical and challenging on the circuit.  Accent Media Labs has a neat coverage for you


Women Skateboard

  1. Elena Corrigall (Canada)
  2. Marie Bougourd (France)
  3. Georgia Bontorin (Brazil)
  4. Emily Pross (United States)
  5. Tamara Prader (Switzerland)

Junior Skatebloard

  1. Connor Ferguson (Australia)
  2. Dane Hanna (Canada)
  3. Alex Charleson (Canada)
  4. Oscar Gutierrez (Mexico)
  5. Curt Watts (Canada)

Open Skateboard

  1. Kevin Reimer (Canada)
  2. Dillon Stephens (Canada)
  3. Zak Maytum (United States)
  4. Jimmy Riha (United States)
  5. Sebastian Hertler (Germany)
  6. Brendan Davidson (Canada)
  7. Carlos Paixão (Brazil)
  8. Patrick Switzer (Canada)
  9. Connor Ferguson (Australia)
  10. Calvin Staub (United States)
Tuesday September 23rd, 2014
Downhill Longboard