KnK Longboard Camp 2014, week #1 & No Paws Down – World Championship Outlaw 2014

Osilnica, Slovenia: This year Bear’s Guts stepped up the game up, taking the best freeride on the euro tour to the next level and hosted a World Cup Outlaw on the infamous track. Unlike anything seen before on this level a No Hands Down event was held.

The 8 corners track tested every rider and at the end of the day a true world champion was crowned. The future evolution of skateboard racing is here and with the support of Bear’s Guts Freerides and DO EPIC SHIT it will only get bigger. Congratz to the first three contestants: 1st place Deen Mondt, 2nd place Justin Canada, 3rd place Jorge Pernes. Till next year!

Thursday August 14th, 2014
Downhill Race