All Day Benda | Rayne Longboards

Vancouver BC: Mike Benda has been blowing minds with his smooth style and tech slides for a long time. His first edit in over a year, Mike is back with some bangers on his local hills in and around Vancouver, BC.

Mike is riding his Demonseed, a board that has set the bar for all around downhill performance. The most comfortable speedboard on the market Capable of reaching speeds you can only dream about, this board has a long wheelbase, TONS of foot space and a DEEP TUB Concave that is comfortable on long hill bombs while still gripping like a vice in the corners. For Maximum Versatility, Stability and Slideability, the Demonseed has a 1″ Dropped platform and drop-through mounting so that you can further adjust the riding height and truck angles of your board. The most versatile board on the market, whether you’re pushing across town or bombing your favorite pitch, the Demonseed will get you there.


Specs: Length- 44″ | Width- 10″ | Wheel Base- 34.5″ |


Thursday August 14th, 2014
Downhill Longboard