The Caliber II – Caliber Trucks new “Precision Feel” cast truck


After Fine-tuning and perfecting their cast 44 and 50 to match the feel of their precision trucks, Caliber is proud to announce the Caliber II. We are told these are cast trucks that have a precision feel to them. The flavours they come in so far are raw, white and black.


Will it be able to fool you to think you are riding precision trucks? we don’t know that yet. But ranging from $49.90 to $52.90 (for the black) per set at Daddies compared to the real precision at $330 the price will certainly make you wanna give it a try.

Caliber-ii-specs-copy_01 Caliber-ii-specs-copy_02 Caliber-ii-specs-copy_03 or get them at Daddies Board Shop

Tuesday July 1st, 2014
Longboard Trucks