Bonzing Skateboards: Spicer

Sierra Nevadas, California: Team Bonzing heads to Sierra Nevada’s for some fun.

California Bonzing Skateboards are shapers and artists from San Francisco, California. We shape skateboards to be timeless, savage and durable and we exclusively support skateboarders for our artwork. We shape skateboards for all types of skateboarding because for us it is all Bonzing. A portion every sale goes directly back to the shaper and artist who created your skateboard. To prevent deforestation our skateboards are pressed in California using FSC certified wood. California Bonzing Skateboards is a Certified B Corp.

SKATEBOARDERS:  Michael Carson | Adrian Da Kine |Chad Lybrand

FILMED BY: Austin Graziano | Chad Lybrand

EDITED BY: Team Bonzing

LOCATIONS: Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

Monday July 21st, 2014