A First look at the Loaded Overland – developed by Ethan Cochard

 Update: Official Launch Video + More Details

loaded-overlandDeveloped with input form overachiever Ethan Cochard the Loaded Overland, set to release June 5th, is a directionaldouble kick topmount and sits somewhere between the Tesseract and the Kanthaka.

The overland comes with radial concave fused with subtle wheel well flares, 2 type of grip grit for different ridign type and last butnot least a textured urethane base.


Designed as a topographic display of the Loaded Headquarters in Southern California the urethane base serves several purposes including vibration damping, protection from damage, and smooth grinds and slides.



  • Directional shape with tapered waist for quick rail-to-rail transitions
  • Mild radial concave for comfortable edge control
  • Subtle wheel well flares provide ergonomic reference points
  • Beefy kicktail for crisp pop and ample leverage for ollies and slides
  • Smaller, steeper nose for leveling out ollies, nose manuals, and nollie tricks
  • Multi-grit griptape pattern provides both slide control and less abrasive ollies
  • Moderately stiff flex for responsive turning and confidence in slides
  • Textured TPU bottom for vibration damping, abrasion resistance, and ultra-smooth rail slides
  • Two wheelbase options for reverse-kingpin and conventional trucks

The Overland drops June 5.


Sunday May 25th, 2014
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