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Italy: Seeking funding on kickstarter right now is N2R Longboard. Claimed to be indestructible, we are told they are 40% stronger than the fiberglass and 70% stronger than the plywood decks. Also the weight is said to be 25% lighter than standard board. The most interesting part is that the N2R boards come with at 3 year warranty over structural damage.


Two model are currently being offered: The urban Flex weighing at 1.6kg (3.53 lb) and the stiffer and heavier Rock Downhill coming in at 1.98kg (3.53lb). Other than stiffness and weight both decks share the same shape (L: 37,98 – W:10,1).

Are new composite decks the future?


Hydroflex, another company with a new manufacturing tecnique, lineup

Another company who also recently launched into composite decks claiming similar advantage to the N2R board is Hydroflex. Check out the extensive review we’ve made of the latter’s downhill model the Angler.

More info on N2R Kickstarter Campaign here


Monday March 10th, 2014
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