Dimension two announces a patented precise movable stance technology truck mount at ISPO


Munich, Germany: If you are at ISPO 2014 right now, swing by the Dimension two booth and bring us back some shot of their new prototype trucks truck mount if you can. The Slovenian company is only sharing the one shot of their patented precise movable stance technology to the public so far. Although still in prototype mode, we are told that this design will let riders adjust the position of their trucks on the spot, with as little effort as it takes to tighten your kingpin nut.

We are told by Gregor Žakelj of Dimension Two that the patented technology has movable inserts build inside the longboard construction – it looks like a rail so it is easy to adjust (with four regular screws) your stance up to 10cm on each side, allowing precise adjustment.

The patent works and it is safe – no slips reported by the team. We are working on  new version to see if it is possible to have even easier adjustment of the inserts without loosing the safety.

Advancement in truck technology seem to be this season’s flavour


Monday February 3rd, 2014
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