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New Longboard pucks that spark – The Crema Fire by RidersFly | Longboardism

New Longboard pucks that spark – The Crema Fire by RidersFly

We present the PUCKS-CREMA FIRE-

New Pucks “CREMA FIRE” from Ridersfly, are manufactured by a composition of resins and fibers which provide them with a similar hardness to aluminum, but this time, we wanted to give a little more “life” to the slide. We have added some metal bars that when placing the hand on the ground for a slide, produce a flash of sparks! And at the same time providing a softer feel slide while extending the life of the puck to nearly double. That you are the more you can ask a puck?


  • Rounded edges that prevent snagging Puck profile on asphalt.
  • Almost twice the durability than a conventional CREMA Puck.
  •  Very fine and progressive Slide.
  •  More accuracy when making any slide.
  •  No residue over the puck.
  •  Whenever we get a smooth surface.
  •  And obviously …. Draw sparks!!

Try it and you will not remain indifferent.

Riders: Javier Tato, Adrià Arquimbau y Rafa Garrido .
Film: Pablo Fouz, Sergio Sebastia, Adrià Arquimbau.
Edit: Javier Tato

Special thanks to Joan Mariano!


Friday January 31st, 2014
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