The Evolution of The Skater | The IDSA on longboardism

ByJonathan “Joner” Strauss
Founding Member of the International Distance Skateboard Association


One mile world record holder Kaspar Heinrici

The Flagler Beach Skate Vacation was truly something special to witness and be a part of. Kaspar Heinrici stole the show winning the half marathon, but the true accomplishment was what he was able to do in the one-mile challenge. For me personally, that was the fastest flat-ground pushing I’ve ever seen done. With a time of 2:54.90, he was blazing along Flagler Beach. It was a sight to be seen without a doubt. Pushing along with Robin McGuirk, Will Frank, Rick Schorr and Andy Andras, Kaspar was the star of the show despite others best, hardest efforts. The IDSA will be returning to Flagler Beach next New Year’s for the 2nd Annual Flagler Beach Skate Vacation.

Skate Race
Now approaching it’s 4th year of existence, the IDSA has seen quite the, what we like to call, “evolution of the skater” over the past few years. When we first began, we saw skaters in jeans and polo shorts. Jeff Vyain when the first ever Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon in Hallandale Beach, FL in khaki cargo shorts. Over time, thanks to the longboard community and camaraderie, stories have been shared and advice has been given and shared like a family. In Flagler, we saw almost everyone wearing compression shorts, cross trainers and other athletic gear. Stories could be overheard about dieting and how to get that extra boost to win races and set new personal bests. The skater today is smarter, faster, and stronger. As the IDSA and longboarding community continues to grow, there can be nothing short of excitement for the future and what new heights the industry can grow to! 

Friday January 17th, 2014