The E-GO CRUISER, by Yuneec Technology at the CES 2014

Las Vegas, NV: Launching at Consumer Electronic Show 2ES014 tomorrow will be Shanghai-based Yuneec electric-powered skateboard. The company, best known for producing the world’s first commercial electric aircraft, the GreenWing430. will introduce their E-GO Cruiser.

E-GOYuneec says the E-GO Cruiser is the world’s lightest electric longboard weighing 13.9 pounds with a claimed range of The E-GO Cruiser will take you 40 km on one charge.


The E-GO Cruiser we are told is the result of consultation with experienced boarders such as World champion Gabi Munoz, accomplished European designers and a focused International team of Research and Development Engineers.


Boosted Board getting some competition/copycat.


An existing product already shipping is the Boosted board and the E-GO looks like a direct competitor. And as you can tell they look like brothers from different mothers. lookalike traction system and wireless remote. Do we sniff patent war?

Both boards have similar weight but E-GO seems to have the edge on distance (40km vs Boosted’s 9.7km). While the price of the E-GO has not been annoucned, the made it china tag probably means it’ll be cheaper than Boosted’s $1299 price.

More Electric skateboard coming?

Who know with the Agenda Show (One of the biggest action sport trade show) also kicking off tomorrow, we may see other similar products on display.

Monday January 6th, 2014
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