Hydroflex Composite Skateboards – The Angler deck review

It’s hammer time

So what happens when the deck rolls downhill and hits the curb?  The deck features an integrated tail and nose protector so we put in to the test with our high velocity impact test a.k.a whack a hammer hard at it. As you can see from the video above the nose (where the protector is) takes a beating pretty good showing no damage at all after a couple of good hard whacks. That’s because the nose/tail  guards are made from a solid 2-part urethane hard plastic which, according to hydroflex, have been shown to actually hold up better than wood.


Not the same can be said when we move past the nose protector area and closer to the side.  A side impact as simulated is quite unlikely in real life. If the deck is in a forward motion and hits the curb at this angle it is most likely to slide off and diffuse the force but we though we’d test it anyway. One single whack caused the resin to crack. No dent, just a couple of tiny cracks and the clear resin turning milky at the point of impact. While the side wall, void of protection, did crack it does not impact the board performance. A crack on the side of traditionally built deck may cause fear of de-lamination but what could possibly happen to a deck made of resin and foam? Probably not much.

Wrap up >

Tuesday December 3rd, 2013
Deck Longboard Manufacturer Review