Hydroflex Composite Skateboards – The Angler deck review

I left my deck outside in the rain the whole weekend – No probelm.


Hydroflex Skateboard is and off shoot of Hydroflex Surfboards and they build their decks using the same 3D-Glassing™ Technology. Having no wood or raw material that can retain water or be sensitive to prolonged sun exposure, water damage and deck warping won’t be happening.


The Angler with ballast to simulate The weight of trucks and wheels – still floats

And being build like a surfboard it floats. So next time you lose your deck in a ditch, river, ocean, pool, you can take your time and not have to get too wet to et it back (Your bearings however may be a lost cause)

Let’s Mount this deck >

Tuesday December 3rd, 2013
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