Greener Pastures Offshore Episode 3 – “New Wave”

Axel SerratBruno Sirera and Kody Noble on the canyon roads to paint some urethane where they’re met with challenging features.


Episode 2 – The Road of Royal Sands

Episode 1 – The Island here

EP3 – New Wave
As the island and it’s people wake up to another beautiful day, the canyon roads beckons to be painted with urethane. After a meal stop at a classic “guachinche,” Axel, Bruno and Kody experience the island through urban exploration. Finding their flow as wheels decay, they’re met with challenging features on their way to revel in the sunset.

Los Sabandeños – “Islas Canarias”
Zolton the Guitar – “Adolescent Bino”
Vopche – “Ce Va…?”

Art Director – Zurich, Switzerland – Tamara Prader
Director – Madrid, Spain – Alberto Alepuz (Perro Pro)
Director of Photography – Geneva, Switzerland – Yvon Labarthe
Marketing Director – Guadalajara, Mexico – Claudio Uribe
Photographer – Barcelona, Spain – Agro, Adrian Rodriguez
Producer – Vancouver, Canada – Patrick Switzer
Production Assistants – Offshore – Martin Diaz, Marcos Costa

Axel Serrat – Barcelona, Spain – Original Skateboards
Bruno Sirera – Mallorca, Spain – Bustin Boards
Kody Noble – Los Angeles, California – Arbor Skateboards

Camilo Cespedes – Bogota, Colombia – Orangatang Wheels
Dandoy Tongco – Mactan, Philippines – Orangatang Wheels
Ethan Cochard – Plano, Texas – Loaded Boards
Kevin Bouaich – Belfort, France – Sick Boards
Levi Green – Citrus Heights, California – Rayne Longboards
Maximilian Gradlmiller – Vancouver, Canada – Landyachtz Longboards

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Thursday October 31st, 2013
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