The Angler – Freeride/Downhill model | Hydroflex Skateboards

With 99.6 % of their funding goals reached and two third of the way to go, we’re pretty sure Hyrdroflex skateboards will reach it’s funding goal on kickstarster.

Congratulations to Hydroflex Skateboards for reaching their Funding Goals on Kickstarter.

This means that all of it’s deck should go into production using their patented and award winning 3D-Glassing™ Technology which they currently use on their surfboards.


Of interest to us is their only freeride/downhill deck in the lineup theAngler deck.  Int the video above, deigner Trent Stake give you the rundown on this baby.

Crystal Infusion – Inside the molding of a Hydroflex Skateboard.

For more on Hydroflex Skateboards including how to get one via their kickstarter campaign check out our previous post

Thursday October 10th, 2013
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