Adam Persson wins Mega Grand Prix and make history as the IDF First World Cup Champion


Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Sweden’s Adam Persson just won the Mega Grand Prix, the last race leg of the IDF season. This scored him enough point to also become the IDF First World cup Champion.

Persson was second to James Kelly on the point standing going into this race so the championship was down to the two of them. The turning point was Persson and Kelly met  in the  semi-final. That’s when the deal was sealed with Persson winning the race and, unfortunately for Kelly,  coming in last.

Ope Results:

1. Adam Persson
2. Thiago Lessa
3. Danky Dean Garcia Ovalhe
4. Max Ballesteros
5. Jonas Richter
6. Kyle Wester
7. Bernardo Negrão
8. Byron Essert

Complete results:

Sunday October 27th, 2013
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