Sk8Trip Into Liquid – Riding Giants (Head) | Abec 11 Media

Vancouver, BC: The Sk8Trip crew takes a road trip to Vancouver for Giant’s Head Freeride  reppping Chris Chaput‘s Old/New project, Liquid Trucks.

Riders: Mike Fitter, Sara Paulshock, Jordan Crosby, Elijah Vinograd, Joey Nickell, Martin Carmody, Mike Benda, Quinn Dubois and more.

About Those Liquid trucks:


The Liquid Truck Company is comprised of three series of compatible trucks. Attacks are cast. Liquids are CNC. Fyres are a unique fixed pivot CNC truck.

Attack 160mm and 180mm hangers and 45° baseplates just arrived! Liquid and Fyre will be released on 11/11.

Hangers / Baseplates:

  • Attack: 150mm to 200mm (10mm increments) / 25° to 50° (5° increments)
  • Liquid: 100mm to 200mm (5mm increments) / 5° to 60° (5° increments)
  • Fyre: 100mm to 200mm (5mm increments) / 10° ,20° ,30°,40° ,45° ,50°

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Sunday September 22nd, 2013
Downhill Freeride Longboard